[WF-General] Game Concept: Colony

Tess Snider malkin at Radix.Net
Sat Oct 21 22:47:11 PDT 2000

Oh, say, you know, I have the beginning of a story and a considerable
amount of background for a world which could benefit a great deal from the
things that Colony could teach us.  It could even become a highly
customized derivative of the Colony project.  If you ever want to exchange
ideas, feel free to tag me on IRC.

On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, Oliver White wrote:

> The players in this world have landed, following a month long journey
> from Earth. The world is a lovely, lush, green world, though some of the
> inhabitants may prove to be hazzardous eventually.
> The colony is run by the players, and a system of trade needs to be set
> up, and players must buy the components they need to build and furnish
> their homes. The homes are crafted from prefab components, and for the
> most part will be built onto the same compound. It is in the players
> best interests to plan the new town in the most effective way to ensure
> the populace's health and happiness. A missmanaged planning effort could
> result in a warren of tunnels and burrows and a muddle of chambers
> throughout. We all know how much that would suck, right? ;-)
> There was, of course, a team of expert city planners on their way to
> help set up the colony, but unfortunately they all died of food
> poisoning after eating tainted space rations. Terrible shame.
> The players must set up some form of system of commerce and politics and
> role play the decision making process. Their actions and the forces of
> 'nature' will determine the eventual culture and structure of the world.
> Players will be asked to provide a character background to be judged by
> the administrators, in the main game I plan. However, a group of
> roleplayers could set up their own world and see where it
> leads. Different games could be played in the same world, but in
> different locations, trading between cities could emerge and so forth.
> There is a hundred and one ways to play 'colony'.

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