[WF-General] RFC: New Acorn-Derived Game Project?

Will Owen will at crispincorp.com
Mon Oct 30 15:18:16 PST 2000

Have you ever seen Oblivion?
It is a SciFi western that I always wanted to turn into a MUD.
The planet it takes place on is a desert planet that has a very valuble
mineral on it. (can't remember the name)
So a bunch of prosectors live there.  Has giant scorpians and other fun

At 03:37 PM 9/26/00 +0100, you wrote:
>Bryce last week, one idea I had in mind was for a sci-fi based game set on
>a dessert planet. This is a tried and tested formula, which almost everyone
>is familiar with, and is different in almost every way from Acorn. I have
>done some initial trial work in this direction, to the extent that I have
>made a basic tile set derived from some material already in the media
>and some new tiles made from gimp textures. I have also created an iso format
>map of a dessert are which includes areas of rock, and dried mud, but mostly
>consists of sand.
>I have no clear idea yet of what the actual game based on this map would be
>like, but I would have thought it would be based on some bizare alien dessert
>lifeforms, and robots or machinery of some sort, and may well be focused
>on the shortage of water in such an environment.
>I have already canvased people on irc for ideas, but we have not come up with
>anything concrete yet. Anyone else interested in pursuing this?
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