[WF-General] Mason Progress Report

HansHäggström hans.haggstrom at helsinki.fi
Tue Oct 31 09:06:26 PST 2000

Mason design is currently progressing faster than ever.  Here is a list of 
changes since the last progress report:

Background Story

The location and background story of the game are now clear:
Mason will take place in the northwestern corner of Moraf, surrounded by 
the feared GlitterDark forest on the east side, and the hills ruled by the 
Orc Tribes of Sarnak on the western side.
The players can choose between playing human settlers from Moraf, founding 
a new settlement at the edge of the forest, now that the economy and 
technology of Moraf is in upswing again, or playing orcs that are leaving 
the overcrowded dens of the clans, to build a new orc village on the 
outermost hills of the mountain range.
The Moraf pages are here: 


The Mason Mechanical System is being generalized so that it will be 
possible to process energy, matter (items and substances) and information 
(in the form of information objects).
The current (half-finished) document is here: 

Item Creation

Development of item creation, atomic operations on items and scripting is 
progressing again, thanks to meZmo, our newest member.
An item can be made of one or many materials, some items can be attached 
together from other items, and atomic operations, such as cut, shape and 
combine, can be used to change some of the properties of an item, or to 
create new items.  Items can also have properties such as 'pointy', 'edgy' 
or 'wearable', that determine what actions can be done with them.
The early Mason Item Creation System document is here: 

Item List

The item page has been updated.  It now describes how the media for the 
items will be used, giving useful hints for artists that want to create 
media for the items.  Creating media is a bit problematic because an item 
can be created from a lot of different materials.  This probably has to be 
tested a bit to see what approach is best.

An item list has also been started, including descriptions of the basic 
properties listed for each item.
Adam is working on the items, but this task could easily be parallelized by 
dividing the items up by categories, if there are other interested 
newbies.  We are going to aim to first build up a basic collection of items 
that we can test our design ideas with, but a complete list is needed 
The item page is at: http://www.worldforge.org/website/rules/mason/items/

Web Page

The Mason web page has been updated, old empty sections have been removed, 
and a meeting & discussion list and a page update section added.  The 
meeting list contains irc logs and short summaries of a number of 
interesting design discussions.
The Mason web page is at: http://www.worldforge.org/website/rules/mason/


Some open tasks are listed on the Mason SourceForge page:

Kick-off Meeting

As it seems like Mason development is now taking off in earnest, we will 
hold an official Mason kick-off meeting sometime next weekend.  More of 
this in a separate mail.

Hans Häggström (aka zzorn)
"Share and Enjoy" - Cirius Cybernetics corp. - THHGTTG

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