[WF-General] Mason Kick-off Meeting

HansHäggström hans.haggstrom at helsinki.fi
Tue Oct 31 09:09:17 PST 2000


A Mason kick-off meeting is planned for the next weekend.
The suggested time is Saturday, 2000-11-04, 21:00 GMT.  Is this ok for 
everybody interested?
(Originally it was 17:00 GMT, but there is an acorn meeting at that time.)

The place is the #mason channel, at irc.worldforge.org.

Meeting agenda:

1. Purpose of Mason - Why do we do it?
2. Game description - What will it be?
3. Long range plan - What should we do to get there?
4. Current status - Where are we now?
5. Open tasks - What can I do?


Hans Häggström (aka zzorn)
"Share and Enjoy" - Cirius Cybernetics corp. - THHGTTG

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