[WF-General] Task/Bug Tracking

Oliver White ojw at iprimus.com.au
Thu Aug 2 17:21:01 PDT 2001

Hmm... having had a look at RT, I think perhaps bugzilla might have the 
upper hand in that it encourages more precise bug reports in the first 
place. Am I wrong, or does request tracker merely take an email and 
create a ticket from it?

I suppose some people might be more inclined to simply write an email 
rather than fill in an HTML form, but I'm still not sold on RT...

Bryce Harrington wrote:

>Hi Guys,
>I know we've bandied about setting up bug tracking, task tracking,
>etc. etc.  
>Rather than use Bugzilla, which is complicated and hard to set up, I
>would recommend using Request Tracker, which is another Perl/MySQL open
>source tracker, but looks to be a lot better engineered.  
>Anyway, dem's my 2 cp's.  ;-)
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