[WF-General] Task/Bug Tracking

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Thu Aug 2 02:05:27 PDT 2001

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Oliver White wrote:

> Hmm... having had a look at RT, I think perhaps bugzilla might have the 
> upper hand in that it encourages more precise bug reports in the first 
> place. Am I wrong, or does request tracker merely take an email and 
> create a ticket from it?

Bugzilla is very software-development specific, which is fine if all we
want to track is software.  I think though that we'll want to track a
larger variety of things, so RT may be the better choice.

> I suppose some people might be more inclined to simply write an email 
> rather than fill in an HTML form, but I'm still not sold on RT...

Well the main advantage in my eyes, personally, is that it is what we're
using at work, and I will be integrating it with Eidetic.  One of the
features it sounds like I'll be implementing is "task forking": E.g.,
when a person submits a new monster definition, it could auto-generate
tasks for drawing portraits and building animations, as well as perhaps
writing new AI routines for special behaviors, etc.

Theoretically, the same could be done with Bugzilla, but since we chose
to use RT instead of Bugzilla at work, there is no likelihood that
an Eidetic-Bugzilla interface will be generated.


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