[WF-General] Werewolf is back on!

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Fri Aug 3 12:52:13 PDT 2001

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Fred Spiker wrote:
> Hey WorldForgers,

> My name is Fred Spiker (a.k.a. th3walrus) and I've volunteered to try
> and get the Werewolf project back up and running. Officially, I'll be
> doing game design and then some scripting when things get under
> way. I've never participated in an open source project before so I'd
> appreciate help and patience from wherever they might come.

Cool Fred, welcome on board!

> What I'm looking at is to get Werewolf up and running using XClient
> (of course) and STAGE. Now, I understand there hasn't been much
> communication between these two projects so hopefully the Werewolf
> game can act as a middleman. 

Agreed; this is exactly what we hoped to achieve with Werewolf, and will 
definitely be a *very* important achievement.  

> I've looked over the web pages for both
> XClient and STAGE, but I've got a lot of work to do in understanding
> these. Any help from XClient/STAGE developers would be
> appreciated. 

Be sure to post your questions as you run into issues; often times the
client/server developers are too tied up to formally join a game effort,
but they're more than happy to provide technical assistance when trouble

> I'm also looking for someone to head up the coding effort for
> Werewolf.

We can talk about this more during the STAGE meeting.  Hopefully we can
do the "heavy lifting" coding as part of the STAGE effort and you can
just make use of that development, and adjust the game design to take
best advantage of it.  

When you are a bit further along in understanding the architectural
design of stage and xclient, a good recruitment technique is to post
specific projects that people can take ownership of.  I.e., "Werewolf
needs to have a Foo RIM developed."  (A RIM, or Rule Implementation
Module, is a code module that plugs into STAGE to implement a particular
aspect of a game; you will probably have half a dozen RIMs to comprise

> Anyone who wants to help with some preliminary art/music or
> help me with design would be appreciated too.

Here too, our experience shows that a good approach is to compose a list
of specific media needs (e.g., "I need a 3D model of a Foo that will
work in XClient", "I need the following seven animation sequences of the
Foo model", etc.)

Look at what Zzorn did for Mason, and what the Acorn folks did, as

(I think there may have already been a start on this for Werewolf?)

> That's an overview for now until I get a better feel for what's going
> on around here. I'm hoping to have a small meeting on Saturday after
> the STAGE meeting (which I will be present for). Anyone interested in
> helping out with the project should be there then.

Cya then!

> Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to meet you all soon...
> -Fred Spiker (th3walrus)

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