[WF-General] Open Racer joins WorldForge Project

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Fri Aug 3 15:16:23 PDT 2001

Good news!

A few days ago a note was placed on Slashdot about a disappointing
development with Tux Racer, one a select few free software Linux games
to really take off and become popular.  The original author is going to
make it closed source and commercial henceforth, which is legal to do
since he holds the copyright and it's great that the author will be able
to take advantage of his hard work, yet it is disappointing for the free
software community in general.

Tux Racer is a 3D skiing game, featuring Tux the Penguin.

Luckily, an interested free software developer, J. Nathan Matias, took
this as a call to action and has established a new game effort called
Open Racer to continue maintenance and development of this important
game.  He has verified this is okay with Sunspire Studios, who will be
taking Tux Racer commercially, and has determined to take Open Racer
into a new direction to avoid direct competition (and strife) with that

You can read more about Open Racer at http://dev.designharbor.org/

As we all know, managing such a project is a challenge in itself,
and requires attention to everything from infrastructure setup to
planning and organizing the developer community.  The WorldForge Project
exists to provide aid in areas such as these, in the same manner as GNU
or GNOME.  Sort of a "game developer's guild".  Knowing what Nathan's
likely to need right now, I sent him a note about WorldForge, and
gave answers to many of his questions about what we are able to
provide to game developers, and he has decided to bring Open Racer to
WorldForge and gain our support.  :-)

Nathan's site is currently being hosted by a company Nathan had been
working for.  One of Nathan's first goals is to move this off of that
site, so Novalis and Zzorn have established an Open Racer area in the
new Zope-based WorldForge site.  Nathan will also be establishing an
#openracer channel on irc.worldforge.org.  We will also be getting CVS,
mail, and etc. set up for Open Racer within the next day or two.  

Please help me welcome Nathan and the other Open Racer developers into
WorldForge, and help them take advantage of the lessons learned and
experiences we've gained over the years in doing open source game
development.  We have much to offer in addition to infrastructure!

It is great to have such a well known Linux game under the WorldForge
banner.  I hope we can help make Open Racer a raging success, and I hope
in doing so we are able to build an even better "guild" here at
WorldForge.  :-)


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