[WF-General] Report on Werewolf game session

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Sat Aug 4 15:03:02 PDT 2001

Grimicus was kind enough to referee a few sessions of Werewolf on IRC
last night.  The objective was merely to explore how the game rules work
and gain some idea of what's involved in running it.

I joined in pretty late; they'd already played through several sessions
and everyone else knew the rules and had experience with it.  In the
#werewolf channel there was a bunch of chatter about who was the
werewolf and who was not.  Everyone asked if I'd play along and I
agreed.  I learned that a new session had just begun and everyone was
anxious to get it started.  Grim narrates: "The sun slowly fades from
view.  Wolves prowl the night..."

Just then I got summoned to another channel:  #seer!  The rules of
Werewolf require that there be two werewolves and one seer.  Apparently
I had been chosen the seer for this game.  The seer had the power to
accurately learn the true nature of any one of the players, once per
night.  I knew there was a downside but couldn't remember what it

I was asked to "choose someone".  I chose Cyanide; grim revealed him to
be human.  Grim added that the group had decided previously that it was
okay to chat privately with folks to solicit help or whatever.

Meanwhile, the wolves were off killing poor Maclypse, who turned up dead
that morning, to our dismay.  Alien suspiciously eyed cyanide, who
pleaded innocent: "I was sleeping like a baby, and I'll take my hand to
anyone who says otherwise... now Whats With The Ruckus!"  Zzorn eyed
Jerub as the next suspicious one.  I wondered at zzorn and especially

In channel, the townspeople were voting on who should be lynched that
first day.  (Each day, the townspeople can choose to hang one member, in
hopes of getting one of the werewolves-in-disguise.)  Cyanide exclaimed,
"It's that Alien fellow!  He protests way too much!"  Jerub and zzorn
likewise voted for Alien.  Blizgerg blabbered a while and then had the
nerve to vote for me!  "Bryce, who do you vote for?" was asked.  I'd no
clue!  Nived chose to vote for Bliz.  Since Bliz voted for me, I voted
for him.  Zzorn and Alien also quickly changed their vote in favor of
Bliz and so soon came the hanging.

Immediately we learned our mistake:  Blizgerg was a human!!  Doh!!

As seer, I was asked again to look, and I decided to look to Alien.
"Alien appears to be quite furry," reported the game master.  Aha!!!

The wolves took Nived that night.  "The sun peeks over the horizon, only
to display a horrible chunk of grass mangled and stained with blood,"
reported the narrator.

I /msg'd cyanide and told him I knew him to be human and knew Alien was
a werewolf.  Cyanide eyed me distrustfully for this unsolicited

I had been looking up the werewolf rules on the net and finally found
them.  The downside to being the seer was that it held the potential of
making yourself into a target if you revealed yourself too explicitly.
I endeavored not to make that mistake, yet still wanted to drop heavy
hints in order to ensure the human side as the winners.  This would be

This time cyanide and jerub were after zzorn.  Knowing Alien to be a
true, known threat I pointed my hand to him.  "He is the source of all
this dissent!  Let us destroy the foul beast!"

Cyanide changed his vote immediately:  "it must be alien... I just said
zzorn to see the look in his eyes!  (It was relief!)"

Alien exclaimed, when the votes were clearly against him: " you're
making a horrible mistake!  If you pick me, a villager, now, you will
lose! it's cyanide! i saw him!!"  The votes started to favor Cyanide,
and he was dragged up to the gallows and the rope tightened over his
neck.  I took to convincing everyone that it must not be him.  "Wait!"
I pleaded.  We retallied the votes and zzorn came out in favor of Alien.
Cy and myself also voted in favor of Alien, and thus we had a majority.
Jerub still kept his vote for cyanide, and exclaimed Alien's innocence.

Grimicus put Alien to the gallows, and Alien was quickly revealed to be
a wolf. Got one!  And Jerub's support of Alien made me think him the
other werewolf.

Jerub expressed outrage at Alien for having tricked him, and we all
retreated for another fitful night of sleep.

As seer, I got to ask the identity of one of the villagers, and I chose
Jerub, as he was my biggest suspicion.  He was human!!

Grimicus narrated, "The next morning, the sun rises, a corpse ripped
limb from limb can only be identified by its soiled underclothes:
cyanide moves on to better worlds."

Knowing Jerub to be human, this narrowed the field to zzorn as the
werewolf.  But why would he have voted in favor of Alien?  I was
mystified but had to trust my vision.  "Jerub, you are human, I know
this from my vision.  I also saw that cy was human and alien was not."

Jerub exclaimed, "If you are the seer, and I am a villager, then the wolf
must be zzorn!"

Zzorn attempted to misdirect Jerub:  "But, I am the one with the scrying
power. Jerub: Don't listen to him!  He has decieved us all!"

"zzorn, all of my predictions have been correct," I retorted.

"zzorn: cyanide suspected you, now I will bring to bear the
justice he could not deliver."  Jerub added his vote to mine and Zzorn
was hanged, and thereby revealed as the second werewolf.

The village had won, the werewolves defeated.


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