[WF-General] WereWolf thoughts

Anders Petersson demitar at innocent.com
Sun Aug 5 12:04:16 PDT 2001

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Hello, I will be offline next week so I thought I'd better dump my WereWolf 
thoughts here before I go. These are pure game related issues needed for 

* How would a werewolf turn end? After a specified time, when everyone has 
cast their votes or perhaps a combination? My suggestion would be a hard time 
limit and a soft one starting as soon as all votes have been cast. (Perhaps 
an endturn vote?)
* We need some kind of narration generator, a good small task I'd say. This 
should probably be archieved by a couple of lists that can be combined, 
perhaps with some random weather or whatever. Everyone will have to 
contribute partial sentences of course. ;-) (I think narration should origin 
from the session id (room).)
* A voting system. I'm not sure what the best/correct way to do this would 
be. Perhaps linking a vote token to a character? Or perhaps moving the token 
there? Or could this be seen as useful enough in other games (for trading or 
whatever) that a new op should be created?
* We ought to be able to handle dead links now, either ghosting/kicking from 
a session or simply use the timelimit to deal with that.
* Seer/WereWolf should probably be handled as sight of self turning into it 
or sight of oneself moving to a different place. If someone want entities to 
be at more than one place at the same time now is the time to say it other 
entities are easy enough to handle client side but if your own character is 
located in several places we easily run into a mess.

In silence-py the following commands are needed I think:
WereWolf: /attack
Seer: /look
Look is already there and the others only need the correct behaviour 
implemented. (Two new classes in command_game.py and two new members in class 
AtlasConnection (net_atlas.py) if someone feels the urge to implement them.)

Note to self: Add name->id command mapping.
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