[WF-General] Is there anything I can do?

Lee Begg llnz at paradise.net.nz
Mon Aug 6 23:49:56 PDT 2001

Dima Potekhin wrote:

> Sounds very interesting. I have played a couple of sessions on #werewolf and
> it was quiet fun. As I understood from the ww?s page it?s in a very early
> stage of design.

Yeah it is fun  ;-)

> I only don?t understand, in the site it was told that it would be graphical,
> so there is no need of a text narrator generator? Or do you want that each
> morning there will be a text that will tell everyone about what happened in
> the night and who was killed? Or do you want me to make a narrator for the
> irc?

I think the idea is to move from IRC to Stage, and get the computer to do the
It is probably easier to start in text (as in-game stage currently does) and
move to graphics later.  The text narration generator would give interest
narration from the computer (stage server) and be a bit more random that a

> - Dima


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