Werewolf Update -> Re: [WF-General] Is there anything I can do?

Fred Spiker fred at nullityvoid.com
Mon Aug 6 10:00:43 PDT 2001

Here's where Werewolf stands right now (if you haven't read the web page).
In the STAGE meeting on Saturday it was decided to put the greater effort
into getting a Circe implementation running in STAGE first. So for now,
Werewolf is focusing on the Xclient side of things.

Sal and the Xclient team have written a small test server (right now called
XTestServer) that allows Xclients to connect and move around in a map.
Yesterday I compiled both Xclient and XTestServer, and I have to say the
Xclient team has done a wonderful job on this. Anyway, I've gone through the
code for the test server and it's really easy for me to edit (as opposed to
STAGE which really freaks me out at this point in time). I've already made a
couple of additions (both werewolf specific and not) and tested them out
last night. XTestServer will make a great starting point for getting a
graphical Werewolf server up and running in the near future without
duplicating the efforts of STAGE. Sal and I were both on my server last
night running around having a grand old time. So when I say we're gonna get
a graphical version of Werewolf up in the near future, I really mean it.

If anyone wants to work on the STAGE side of things then do so by all means.
The end goal is still to get this thing running on STAGE. Personally, I
would like to focus more on Xclient, as STAGE is set to be used for a number
of games, and Xclient needs some well deserved attention drawn to it. Also
remember, STAGE implementation is useless without Xclient supporting Atlas.
So that's a really important task on both the Xclient and STAGE fronts.

Hmmm.... What else? Hopefully I'll remember to e-mail to get a CVS account.
When I do, I'll make a werewolf directory and drop the xserver source with
the Werewolf unit on there. To those in the know: Should I make the werewolf
directory under the rules directory???

Finally, and I hope Sal doesn't mind me advertising this, Sal's getting
close to squashing some major bugs in Xclient physics handling. When he
does, he'll hopefully be releasing a binary to the WorldForge community.
I'll be running a server and seeing how many people we can pack on here over
my DSL. Lurk around in IRC and we'll let ya know when this takes place.

That's all for now.

-Fred (th3walrus)

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