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A new WorldForge mailing list has opened, for discussion of the new Open
Racer project.

If you'd like to join in, head to mail.worldforge.org to sign up for the

Below is the first message to the Open Racer team from the coordinator, FYI.


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Subject: [Openracer] Welcome to the Open Racer Project

Welcome everyone!

I guess this email semiformaly commences discussion on the Open Racer project.

The  goal here is to take the existing codebase of Tux Racer and turn it into 
something else, something better.

However, what that will be is a good question, the answer to which I do not 

I have done more contemplation on turning it into a generic 3d racing engine, 
and it may be possible. It would require revamping a lot of the codebase, but 
it should be doable.

However, there may be others of you with other ideas. In fact, we may in the 
end decide to stick with the existing codebase and just work on that.

The following is a list of my initial ideas:

#1 Generic Racing Engine?
	A. Port to PLIB? (plib.sourceforge.net)
		PLIB is a very capable 3d library. Porting to it would allow for 
		loading from common 3d files as well as eliminate the need
		for stuff like windows.h (one of the largest tux racer source files)
		However, most of the source would have to be changed to reflect
		a change to PLIB.

		PLIB, unlike other 3d libraries, is in a post-1.0 version,
		so we could rely on a standardized, stable version.

	B. Port to Cal3d? (cal3d.sourceforge.net) 
		I noticed Cal3d on the freshmeat site today. It is an incredible
		character animation library with incredibl features, like the ability
		to modify model complexity on the fly. Highly complex animations
		are easily creatable as well. Cal3d might be very good for player
		models, at least for the riders of vehicles. The demo is impressive;
		get it if you can.

	C. Stick with current source codebase
		From indication I have from both Jasmin Patry and 
		Steve Baker(author of PLIB), Tux Racer's codebase is pretty crippled.
		I haven't greatly pored over the code, but it seems to be built upon its
		own internal APIs. This means that it probably is much larger than it could
		be if it used another API, such as PLIB.

#2 something else
	There are a million things we could turn it into; we'd just have to decide 
on what to do if we chose this course.

As far as art, etc, it would be nice to totally revamp the current Tux Racer 
dialog system, but that would probably be wasteful work until we decide on 
what to do in the long run.

I appreciate your comments.

-- Nate
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