[WF-General] [Openracer] Welcome to the Open Racer Project (fwd)

halsted larsson halstedl at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 6 14:58:50 PDT 2001

Nate -- I've been following TuxRacer off and on since
I got my Linux Box a year ago and I'm glad to see we
have you aboard!

--- Bryce Harrington <bryce at neptune.net> wrote:
> A new WorldForge mailing list has opened, for
> discussion of the new Open
> Racer project.
> If you'd like to join in, head to
> mail.worldforge.org to sign up for the
> list.  
> Below is the first message to the Open Racer team
> from the coordinator, FYI.
> Bryce
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> Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 14:41:32 -0400
> From: J.Nathan Matias <ruberpaw at ptdprolog.net>
> Reply-To: openracer at mail.worldforge.org
> To: openracer at mail.worldforge.org
> Subject: [Openracer] Welcome to the Open Racer
> Project
> Welcome everyone!
> I guess this email semiformaly commences discussion
> on the Open Racer project.
> The  goal here is to take the existing codebase of
> Tux Racer and turn it into 
> something else, something better.
> However, what that will be is a good question, the
> answer to which I do not 
> have.
> I have done more contemplation on turning it into a
> generic 3d racing engine, 
> and it may be possible. It would require revamping a
> lot of the codebase, but 
> it should be doable.
> However, there may be others of you with other
> ideas. In fact, we may in the 
> end decide to stick with the existing codebase and
> just work on that.
> The following is a list of my initial ideas:
> #1 Generic Racing Engine?
> 	A. Port to PLIB? (plib.sourceforge.net)
> 		PLIB is a very capable 3d library. Porting to it
> would allow for 
> 		loading from common 3d files as well as eliminate
> the need
> 		for stuff like windows.h (one of the largest tux
> racer source files)
> 		However, most of the source would have to be
> changed to reflect
> 		a change to PLIB.
> 		PLIB, unlike other 3d libraries, is in a post-1.0
> version,
> 		so we could rely on a standardized, stable
> version.
> 	B. Port to Cal3d? (cal3d.sourceforge.net) 
> 		I noticed Cal3d on the freshmeat site today. It is
> an incredible
> 		character animation library with incredibl
> features, like the ability
> 		to modify model complexity on the fly. Highly
> complex animations
> 		are easily creatable as well. Cal3d might be very
> good for player
> 		models, at least for the riders of vehicles. The
> demo is impressive;
> 		get it if you can.
> 	C. Stick with current source codebase
> 		From indication I have from both Jasmin Patry and 
> 		Steve Baker(author of PLIB), Tux Racer's codebase
> is pretty crippled.
> 		I haven't greatly pored over the code, but it
> seems to be built upon its
> 		own internal APIs. This means that it probably is
> much larger than it could
> 		be if it used another API, such as PLIB.
> #2 something else
> 	There are a million things we could turn it into;
> we'd just have to decide 
> on what to do if we chose this course.
> As far as art, etc, it would be nice to totally
> revamp the current Tux Racer 
> dialog system, but that would probably be wasteful
> work until we decide on 
> what to do in the long run.
> I appreciate your comments.
> -- Nate
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