[WF-General] Werewolf is back on!

Spiker, Fred SpikerF at TEOCO.com
Wed Aug 1 21:02:59 PDT 2001

Hey WorldForgers,
	My name is Fred Spiker (a.k.a. th3walrus) and I've volunteered
to try and get the Werewolf project back up and running. Offically, I'll
be doing game design and then some scripting when things get under way.
I've never participated in an open source project before so I'd
appreciate help and patience from wherever they might come. 

	My background is in coding. I'm 22 years old, but I've been
programming for 16 years (if you can believe that). I have a bachelor's
degree in Computer Science and work for a company in Northern Va writing
commerical handheld java applications. Really I've been doing all this
programming during my life so I could get into game design (if that
makes any sense). I've always wanted to design games, but not simply on
paper. I want to help implement the games I help design. So WorldForge
looked like the place to try my hand at some game design and later on
some scripting. That should be all you'd care to know about me. heh

	What I'm looking at is to get Werewolf up and running using
XClient (of course) and STAGE. Now, I understand there hasn't been much
communication between these two projects so hopefully the Werewolf game
can act as a middleman. I've looked over the web pages for both XClient
and STAGE, but I've got a lot of work to do in understandthing these.
Any help from XClient/STAGE developers would be appreciated. I'm also
looking for someone to head up the coding effort for Werewolf. Like I
said, this is my first open source project and I'll admit that I
wouldn't be comfortable heading up the development. Preferably this
could be someone who has already dipped into both XClient and STAGE.
Anyone who wants to help with some preliminary art/music or help me with
design would be appreciated too. 

	That's an overview for now until I get a better feel for what's
going on around here. I'm hoping to have a small meeting on Saturday
after the STAGE meeting (which I will be present for). Anyone interested
in helping out with the project should be there then. 

	Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to meet you
all soon...

-Fred Spiker (th3walrus)

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