[WF-General] Is there anything I can do?

Dima Potekhin oricon at inter.net.il
Sat Aug 4 16:00:29 PDT 2001


My name is Dima Potekhin (nick “sUf”) and I’m thinking about joining WF. I’m
18 and I live in Israel (yea, yea, where all the mess is :) for 10 years,
before that I lived in Russian where I have been born, so I know russian,
hebrew and english (not that well). I finished my high-school (it was a
special school where you learn computer science + general science) about a
month ago and now I’m completely bored until I find a job.

I know C, C++, ASM, Internet stuff (ASP, PHP, etc.), some TCP/IP. Mostly I
programmed for Dos, no Windows API or MFC knowledge, no Linux experience as
well. I have some computer graphics experience and some little SQL
knowledge. All this can be learned if needed, right now I finally got the
Stroustrup book to read :). Also I’m reading the Introduction to Algorithms
(the MIT book) it’s very cool, but big. What I really like is AI. I don’t
have any experience in AI and I don’t really know where should I start. Also
I like algorithms and all the com-sci stuff. Oh, yes, and I like graphics
too :)

In march I’ll have to go to the army (yes I must), but the good news are
that I’ll probably work for the intelligence as a programmer which is very
very cool because this will give me a _lot_ of skills, I’ll have free time,
and it’s very easy to get a good job after I finish my service.

Well in my spare time (it’s (24 – sleep) hours per day now :) I mostly read
book (computers and sci-fi), play the piano, do some sport, hang out with
friends and walk my dog out. I like music very much and maybe I’ll join a
band, and then maybe I’ll be able to do some music for the games :).

I have probably bored you death by all this stuff, anyway if there is some
stuff I can do for the project let me know, for now I’ll read the mailing
list news groups and hang in IRC.


- Dima

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