[WF-General] A newbie (sorta)

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Tue Aug 14 18:35:01 PDT 2001

On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Eli Krupitsky wrote:
> First of all, hello all Worldforgers (or at least those who read the General
> mailing list).
> I saw your project about a year ago (I even got a Wiki account), but
> unfortunately, the burden of the final year in school and the final exams
> made it impossible to actively participate. But, guess what! I finally
> graduated, so I have lots of free time on my hands (at least till I get a
> job (though that doesn't mean that I'll abandon the project when I will
> (what? i like lisp))).

Well welcome back Eli!   Congrats on graduation, and good luck with the
job hunt.  :-)

> Anyhow, I can contribute 2d-art of different sorts. A small example of my
> drawing style:
> http://ramlood.keenspace.com/art.html

Wow...  That first picture reminds me of something described in the
Sands of Syllus doc - a column stitched together of undead beings or
some such into a (un-)living pillar.  
> and my actual webcomic (that I'll continue as soon as I finish writing the
> plot and making the characters up... hmm):
> http://ramlood.keenspace.com

The Sands of Syllus folks happen to be focused on production of a comic
(graphic novel kind of a thing) and have the plot fairly well worked
out, and if you'd be at all interested in doing collaborative comic
making, I think they'd love having you on board!

> Aside from that, I can make (or at least try to make) sound effects and
> music, write technical (or non-technical) documentation (if you can stand my
> oh-so-broken english and poor writing style), and, if pressed against the
> wall, code random stuff.

Our rule is that you must do what you enjoy doing.  If one particular
thing seems like the Thing To Do and be the WorldForgian Expert at, then
do that.  Or if you find you prefer having your hand in a variety of
things, and spread your influence and style throughout the project with
pieces created for various games, well that's just fine too.  

Judging from your drawings, it looks like you've got a really creative
mind.  We always have places to use 2D art and you'll find plenty of
places to explore that interest, but I'll bet you're interested in
learning some new ways of making art too.  

> So, if you need any help, feel free to exploit me (hmm.. yes.. I mean
> exploit ME.. eh.. nevermind).

Eli, could you hop onto IRC and keep an eye out for zzorn and novalis
and chat with them a bit.  Novalis can help get you set up with accounts
and such, and has a lot of good advice so he's a good contact to have.
Zzorn I think is the best match for you in terms of skills and
interests, and can probably suggest some fun things to work on (he's
doing some 3D graphic work for Open Racer presently).  Zzorn has worked
on Sands of Syllus and the comic I mentioned earlier and can give you
pointers regarding that if you're interested.  Also please ask Zzorn
about Mason; we are going to need a lot of art talent on that project
once it swings into gear.

There is always going to be lots of writing work todo too, as we
transition things into the new website.  Novalis can give you the scoop
on that.  If you find web writing interesting, that's another area of
the project where help's needed.

Anyway, you can tell that there's all sorts of places where we could use
ya.  :-) All are important, so you might as well choose an area (or
areas) that seems cool to you (or let it choose you).

Welcome (back) aboard Eli!  


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