[WF-General] Fame! Fortune! Eternal life!

Tim Ansell mithro at senet.com.au
Wed Aug 15 14:54:53 PDT 2001

Fame! Fortune! Eternal life!

Gain all the above when you submit an article to Worldforge's monthly
newsletter! (Well may be...)

The Chopping Block needs you! 

Without your articles there is no Chopping Block. All types of articles
are accepted, status reports are welcomed, stories are encouraged and
art is very welcome! You all know you want too... So go ahead and get
out your pen and paper (well, it's most properly better to type it :)
and start writing those articles!

Its a good job for all you non programmers out there. It will help
attract attention to your worldforge sub project and worldforge in
general. It helps both worldforge and non-worldforgians to follow your
projects progress. A lot of non-worldforgers read the Chopping Block so
it's excellent place to advertise worldforge projects...

Articles are due by the 30th of August, if you plan on doing an article
could you please email me before that date with the title of your


You must realize that the computer has it in for you. The irrefutable
proof of this is that the computer always does what you tell it to do.

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