[WF-General] NEEDED: Screenshot Collector

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Mon Aug 20 15:52:01 PDT 2001

One of the most important parts of even the most trivial game project is
the screenshots page.

Right now, on our new website, our screenshots page is nearly empty
(we've only got shots from *one* of our many clients).


I know we have the screenshots.  We have TONS of screenshots.  And more
can be made.  What we need is someone (even a newbie) to gather these
images off of the old site and get them onto the new site, and then put
together a nice little "photo album" on this page for visitors of our
site to look at.

Here is what I think we want:

There should be ONE thumbnail (~150x200 pixils or so) for each
non-trivial, *actively developed* client.  The thumbnails needn't be
just scaled down screenshots but could be a clipping instead; whatever
gives an adequate picture of what the application is.  There should also
be a thumbnail each for Cyphesis and STAGE, showing it running on the
commandline.  Be sure to include screenshots for all of the games,
including Open Racer, Acorn, and Werewolf. When clicked on, these
thumbnails should lead to the screenshots page of the respective product
(just like silence does now).

The message that the screenshot page should try to convey is that
WorldForge is not a single game effort but rather several that are
working closely together.  As well, we are not producing just one set of
client and server but rather have adopted a strategy of allowing
diversity and depend on survival of the fittest to help us achieve our
goals.  I've no idea how to convey this message in screenshots, but am
sure someone can figure it out.  :-)  It's an important question that
people struggle with when they first see our site so it's one that we
should try to answer on this page.

There is no due date for this, although since I suspect it should only
take a few weekend's effort at most it would be very nice to see it
completed within a month or so.  This is a good task for a newbie to
work on, tho it will require some research and interviewing of folks
(which a newbie probably wants to do anyway; this'd give a good excuse!) 


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