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HansHäggström hans.haggstrom at helsinki.fi
Thu Aug 23 02:45:08 PDT 2001

At 20:52 2001-08-22, John wrote:

>One way is to come up with a specific scene/login scenario, and take
>screenshots of the various clients performing the same action.  Heh, call it
>the Hello World screenshot (or Hello Lobby).  (c:  This could even be
>extended to show a progressive series of more advanced actions, revealing
>how far along each client is, side by side.  Thus, you could see at a glance
>that client A can log in and chat (two screenshots), while client B can only
>log in (only one screenshot), and client C can log in, chat, and roam around
>a field (three screenshots).  As soon as client A supports field roaming, a
>third screenshot can be uploaded for that.

This is a very nice idea.
I started on a table of this kind at 
(below the previous screenshots).

However, I'm stuck on what features that should form the 'milestones' that 
are screenshotted.
currently I have the following:

Character Creation

However, I don't know if these are that good.

Should we have more or less of them?  If we have less then the thumbnail 
screenshots can be bigger and thus easier to see/understand.

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