[WF-General] NEEDED: Screenshot Collector

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Wed Aug 22 18:26:17 PDT 2001

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Hans [iso-8859-1] H=E4ggstr=F6m wrote:
> At 20:52 2001-08-22, John wrote:
> >One way is to come up with a specific scene/login scenario, and take
> >screenshots of the various clients performing the same action.  Heh, cal=
l it
> >the Hello World screenshot (or Hello Lobby).  (c:  This could even be
> >extended to show a progressive series of more advanced actions, revealin=
> >how far along each client is, side by side.  Thus, you could see at a gl=
> >that client A can log in and chat (two screenshots), while client B can =
> >log in (only one screenshot), and client C can log in, chat, and roam ar=
> >a field (three screenshots).  As soon as client A supports field roaming=
, a
> >third screenshot can be uploaded for that.
> This is a very nice idea.


> I started on a table of this kind at=20
> http://moria.mit.edu:8080/wf/project/screens/
> (below the previous screenshots).
> However, I'm stuck on what features that should form the 'milestones' tha=
> are screenshotted.
> currently I have the following:
> Login
> Communication
> Movement
> Character Creation
> Inventory
> Dialogs
> Advanced
> However, I don't know if these are that good.
> Should we have more or less of them?  If we have less then the thumbnail=
> screenshots can be bigger and thus easier to see/understand.

7 is a nice number.  But some of these will be rather boring...

Character Creation, Login, and Inventory are all going to involve
Dialog boxes, so that can go away. =20

If by Communication you mean Chat, that can be implied on the Movement
screen by having a little discussion in the chat box.  Chat and movement
seem to be implemented at roughly the same time, I've noticed.

If by Communication you mean network communication, then that's implied
by Login.

Login might be kinda boring...  Perhaps evidence of connecting to the
meta server (e.g., a listing of available games, with the one the client
supports made active for selection) might be better?

It might be worth considering having the screenshots involve some sort
of action.  SherwoodSpirit once said in her 2D art she likes to imply
some sort of action that's either just occurred or just about to occur.
So maybe if the screenshots are snapshots before, during, or after a
particular action?  E.g., wading through water, opening a door, putting
some items into a bag that have just been stolen by someone, etc.


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