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John R. Sheets jsheets at mccaawebster.com
Fri Aug 24 09:02:35 PDT 2001

Hans Häggström wrote:

> Lainaus "John R. Sheets" <jsheets at mccaawebster.com>:
> > Lessee.  Here are some distinct, noteworthy milestones (in semi-random
> > order):

Err, actually, they turned out to be in a sensible order...forgot to go back and
remove that parenthetical...

> > 1) Landscape (map rendering)
> > 2) Chat (login and chat)
> However, isn't the order of the first two usually reversed?
> For proper landscape, we need a working map server, terrain engine, etc.
> Chat and login is usually what gets done first.

Heh, sure, either way.  I was actually going from personal experience.  In Anvil I
got the map working, from a local media archive, so it was easy to do without a
network connection.  Also, this was way before Eris, and I never got around to
learning Atlas enough to implement login connections (in fact, before Acorn,
before we had a solid server to connect *to*, and to some extent before even
Atlas).  I suppose things are different now, and we have a more solid server
infrastructure, so putting Chat first makes more sense.

> Another significant step that I can think of is crafting different items, or
> designing building houses, or generally editing or manipulating in-game items
> in some separate dialog or overlayed on top of the view.  But this probably
> falls into the 'just a dialog' category, so it wouldn't necessary produce any
> showy screenshots.  Overall I'm happy with the above list, the UI and crafting
> can be shown off on the actual screenshots page.

Right, we definitely want to show off Mason!  Maybe it'd be better to change
"Special Effects" back to the "Advanced" category you originally had.  This can be
a broad category that client developers can reserve for their best features,
whether it's a scene of an erupting volcano in a thunderstorm, or building a
house, or showing off the skill selection system.

Hmmm, "Advanced" may not be the best term.  I think we'd want to emphasize that
the Seventh Screenshot should be reserved for something that makes that particular
client unique.  Maybe just "Special"?


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