[WF-General] freshmeat project listing for WorldForge

jeff covey jeff.covey at freshmeat.net
Wed Aug 15 10:18:13 PDT 2001

I'm writing in reference to your project

Since the time you submitted this project to us, freshmeat has adopted
a new categorization system which allows much more fine-grained
organization of projects.  Since your project has never been
recategorized under this system, our readers aren't finding your
project when they browse through categories where it should be listed.

We'd like to ask you to take just a few minutes to recategorize your
project.  You should delete any categories which begin with "Old
Appindex" and add all of the new categories which apply to your
project.  You can edit your project listing at:


with the "recategorize" function in the menu.  While you're there,
take a moment to make sure everything else is up-to-date.  If you have
any problems, please let us know at http://freshmeat.net/contact/.

Thanks for listing your project in our database.

Jeff Covey

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