[WF-General] Hello!

MiguelGuzmán miguelg at tid.es
Fri Aug 24 12:12:23 PDT 2001

Hi Bill !!!

    I'm Aglanor, and I'm also somewhat new to this project (since March or so).
Welcome to Worlforge !!!

>> Anyway I
>> would love to help out in anyway I can, but I would love to work on a 3D
>> client, and/or AI. Also I have talking to a friend who has experience with
>> 3D modeling in 3Dmax and is also very interested in helping out. Anyway
>> that's about it. Thanks,

    I am helping adam in the development of YUP, which is a 3D client that
relies on other programs and libraries. Currently YUP uses Crystalspace for 3D
rendering and Eris (which is James' library) for client-side communication with
the server. YUP currently queries the metasever for severs, connects to a game
server and can chat in the lobby room. Now we're making more menus and buttons
and adding more client commands.

    YUP main page is here:

    You can see nice screenshots here:
    (some are repeated in both pages)

    We have plans to add a lot of features to YUP. On the premise that we will
use other programs and libraries, that should be easy. It may not be the most
optimized 3D client for Worldforge but it works and it's easy to understand and
develop. It looks cool, too :)

    As it is based on crystalspace it runs on several platforms, like windows
and linux (rookie1 has made an excellent doc on how to build it under windows)
and we can use all the nice CS features like importing maps from Blender, or the
built-in windowing system.

    Anyway, you're invited to join the #yup channel at the irc whenever you want

    Sidenote: rookie1: we'd like to talk to you, too :) - great doc

    Best regards


    (YUP advocate since ...er.... 2001)

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