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Jim Lynch jimlynch at w5corp.com
Tue Apr 2 08:08:07 PST 2002

Hi all,

I am a WF newbie (*ducks flying tomatoes*) but I saw the post below and did
some investigation.

On the web I found freeware link checking at
http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html - it is windows only BTW.

I ran it against www.worldforge.com and it took forever!  I reran it against
the subsite www.worldforge.com/dev and got the following:
All pages, by result type:

ok 4332 URLs 60.56%
not found 337 URLs 4.71%
auth required 2390 URLs 33.41%
skip type 43 URLs 0.60%
no such host 6 URLs 0.08%
timeout 22 URLs 0.31%
extended error 10 URLs 0.14%
invalid response 1 URLs 0.01%
no connection 8 URLs 0.11%
no info to return 1 URLs 0.01%
temporarily overloaded 3 URLs 0.04%

Total 7153 URLs 100.00%

The detailed report is saved on my website at http://www.w5corp.com/docs as
WF_Dev_BadLinks.zip.  It shows all the broken links and the pages they are
on.  (Infra crew - renaming the unzipped file from WF_Dev_BadLinks.txt to
WF_Dev_BadLinks.htm allows connecting to all the embedded links, but the
file is large enough that it pegs my CPU for a long time before being
useable - maybe break it into sections?  P.S. the Xenu Link Sleuth is fairly
useful - although I found it timed out a lot unless run single threaded.)

Anyway, did you imagine there were 7153 URLs just in the Dev section of the
site (337 of which are broken)?  No wonder it is tough to keep "newbie

Being fairly new I can also comment on what a new arrival at the World Forge
home page probably wants - a playable game.  :)

It would sort of make sense to have a small "bullet-proof" customer facing
site that let users try out Acorn.  (Carefully maintained, no broken links,
easy notification on where to download Acorn and where public servers
exist.)  Then, for those visitors that want to contribute, have a link to
the bigger, more dynamic, less well policed development area.

Stirring the pot,


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I normally do not forward personal emails to mailing lists, however I
am fowarding this email because some good points are made that I think
the project as a whole needs to understand.  I have removed the name and
address of the submitter for their protection.

This is not the first time I have received such an email and feel it to
be an endemic problem originating with the switch to the
broken-link-plagued zope site.  I suspect that such desertions will
continue until we migrate to a system that does not suffer from such
broken link issues, or until WorldForge ceases to exist as a functioning


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Subject: Re: interested in contributing

Attached are the python files for the svg parser.  I am sending them to you
that someone else might finish up on them if they are so inclined.

Your group is doing good work and has some noble visions.  Unfortunately,
my experiences with it have caused me to loose interest in contributing.
IMO, I am pretty good at locating information.  It is a part of what I do
for a
living.  I have become frustrated to my present level because it has been
difficult if not impossible for me to find information I need to proceed.

You have a web site, but the majority of links on it are not functional.
have a number of clients and servers, but documentation for those clients
servers is lacking.  You have the message boards and IRC, but I did not have
success in using either as a source of answers to questions I had.

I understand how your projects are structured and how documentation is not
as vital for someone who has been working on things from the get go.  It is
another matter for someone like me who is new to the project.  I do not have
a problem finding how things work, but my experiences indicate to me that
this is a more difficult process than I am interested in.  For me, it is
to spend 75% of my time trying to figure out how someone else did
something and 25% of my time working on my project.

I will continue to work on my vision and goals independantly, and may make
use of some of your resources.  I will also likely contribute to your
anything I come up with that might be of value to your group.

Thank you for the chance to work with you guys.  Good luck with your


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