[WF-General] Re: interested in contributing (fwd)

Jason Oppel jason at smtp.triadinternetsystems.com
Wed Apr 3 10:09:02 PST 2002

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Miguel Guzmán wrote:

>     Someone (or several people) suggested sometime ago the idea of using
> www.worldforge.COM as a separate site for this purpose (currently that domain
> seems registered and pointing to some SEUL page).
>     Agla

Worldforge.com has other (possible business) plans.  Besides, this isn't 
something that we want to put a lot of effort into like a new site for 
.com would take.  We're having enough trouble getting .org straight.  For 
the second level domain name I was just thinking about something quick and 
dirty for a site.  =/

-Jason <Pato>

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