[WF-General] Possible media policy change? [was: License stuff. Fun!]

Tom Austin tom.austin at teradyne.com
Wed Apr 10 17:41:39 PDT 2002

 I will take a look to nite. and get a sampling of the sizes. I can burn a cd
of all the media as well but I am not sure how that can be distributed. all 
my worldforge art (thats everything on my computer, scans, complete and 
uncomplete work) is about 400 meg.
~ Tom Austin wrote:
~ > 
~ > Uta,
~ >  I was always happy to supply the layered files for any of my work but since I 
~ > use painter I thought it would just take up too much space on the website.
~ > If any want a copy of the layered files I will be glad to supply them.
~ > I can save as photo shop files but not all the layers come thourgh in that 
~ > format.
~ > Tom
~ > 
~ Hey Tom,
~ How large are the files?  Perhaps it would be a good idea to at least 
~ store the Painter files in CVS (zip them if need be) so people can use 
~ your work in other pieces?
~ At any rate it seems that there's some confusion over exactly what's 
~ required by the GFDL.  Perhaps we should just make it a matter of policy 
~ to require source files to to any media in which layers are present (in 
~ the source files)?  This would avoid even the possibility that we're not 
~ in full compliance with the GFDPL/GPL.  This would also allow our 
~ artists to benfit and build on the works of others.  What does everyone 
~ think?
~ -Jason <Pato>
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