[WF-General] Possible media policy change? [was: License stuff. Fun!]

Kai Blin blin at gmx.net
Fri Apr 12 17:11:10 PDT 2002

* Jason Oppel <jason at smtp.triadinternetsystems.com> [12/04/02, 08:32:20]:
> On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, Kai Blin wrote:
> > Sure. We should also make clear that the files need to be readable by a
> > "generic paint program" or whatever the term was, but that should be easy.
> I think it would be wise if we were even a bit more aggressive than what 
> you've stated above.   Exactly what constitutes a transparent and opaque 
> file is in some doubt.  I was thinking more along the lines of requiring 
> artists to provide copies of the piece in the native format for whatever 
> app they use.  It would also be nice if people could include PSD files in 
> their source packages as most graphics programs such as Gimp, PSP and 
> others make it a point to include a PSD as its pretty much an industry 
> standard.  Having an interoperable source file like PSD would facilitate 
> sharing and collaboration between artists which is definitely what we 
> should be aiming for.

So I'd be supposed to put the XCF files when working with gimp, and PSDs for
compatibility's sake, and my art won't be accepted otherwise... that's the
policy we'd be aming for, right?

That's fine with me, but it won't be all too nice for users with a dialup
connection. When I upload sketches from at home, I'm happy if I can keep to
jpeg files, because a 25 MB upload via a 56k modem line just sucks! :)

Cheers, Kai

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