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Dr.Altaica dr_altaica at lostnet.net
Sat Apr 13 10:37:43 PDT 2002

"John R. Sheets" wrote:

> Karsten Laux wrote:
> >Editing a png is fine, if the original just contained one layer, but as soon
> >as the image is composed from several layers, the png is just a rendering
> >without the possibility to edit the image _content_.
> >Content in the case of a layered image is not just the pixel values, but in
> >also provides structure information like layer ordering, layer masks, layer
> >transparency.
> >
> Right, but which is truly the product, and which is the process?  To
> move this example closer to coding (where the issues are more familiar
> to most of us), what about code generation tools?  Let's say I'm

A better example would be with a laguage that isn't compiled. Like if I make
some type of Perl beatifyer that puts scripts in my style and run some Perl
script threw it then distribute that script(Under the GPL) am I required to
distribute the pre beatifyed verson? Thrust me after years of working on MPI and
MUF you would not lprefur my style or codeing.

> developing a project with a lot of similar objects with similar code.
>  To make maintenance a little easier, I create a custom code generator
> to crank out new objects from templates.  Maybe I have other tools for
> refactoring, e.g., simple search & replace for method/class renaming.
> Are the source files I produce with my custom tools (which I might NOT
> choose to release under GPL) any less GPL-able?  They are still editable
> source files.  Anyone can update them, even though their process won't
> be as easy as mine.  Just because my private tool chain exists doesn't
> mean I should be forced to release it under the same license as my
> generated code.  It seems to me that the differences between this
> situation and the layered vs. non-layered image creation are mainly
> semantics.
> OTOH, I do think it's helpful to release all the tools you use, if
> possible.  In the real world, I would certainly release my tool chain
> alongside my generated source code.  I support the idea of releasing
> layered source images, too.  I'm just trying to clarify the discussion
> here, perhaps playing Devil's Advocate a bit.  (c:
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