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Kai Blin blin at gmx.net
Mon Apr 15 00:51:36 PDT 2002

* Uta Szymanek <szymanek at student.uni-kl.de> [14/04/02, 18:11:44]:

> This sounds good to me despite all the touble about this issue. I should have cared
> for this aspects earlier instead of concentrating on the demo releases. However, I
> want to remark some points, based on the experience of the last three years.
> On point thats always mentioned is that artists should benfit and should have the
> possibility tobuild on the works of others. How was it in reality in the last three
> years?
> *  It is the fact that my artwork was used on the website and for the demos, but not
> changed. Old versions were never used again because their low quality

True, and I want to thank you for creating all of them.
> * I think that most artist (and perhaps not only the artwork developers of
> worldforge) are vain and proud of their work, even if ti is not usable. Normally a
> new artist will make his own new graphics and present his (!) own work, even if it
> has been done twice. It seems to me that people in worldforge are focused on the
> presentation of their own work and not on cooperating.

This may have been that way, but we're a bunch of new artists now, so that's

I have some examples, although I have to admit just a few. zzorn
colorized a vampire that was drawn by Alien. It's properly attributed.

Second one is malcolm's mason anvil logo, that was reworked by
SherwoodSpirit. she also made clear that it was malcolm's work.

Last one I can recall without digging around is Munin and zzorn cooperate on
creating a model that's based on one of my sketches.

This shows that even artists can work together. It's not always as bad as
you had the bad luck to experience.

> I think that the following situation is a nightmare for most artists. Even, if they
> are conjuring the need of full layered images for the survival of worldforge:
> Imagine a conversation between an artist and a observer. The observer says: Oh, that
> part of your image is nice! The artist answers: Hmm, ... this part is not made by
> me, but the rest!  ;)
> * And how will it be the other way round, if artist A makes some small changes on
> the work of artist B? Normally artist A will not walk arround and say, that he only
> made those small changes in this image, but he will say : isn't that a good image?
> It will be the observers responsibility to ask, if this is the work of artist A or
> B?

see above

> However, apart from these statements and GFDL discussions, layered images weren't
> really needed in the last three years. Therefor another more artist-friendly license
> than the GFDL would have sufficient and more inviting for other artists to
> contribute their work to worldforge. I have talked to many non-worldforge artists
> who refused (and are refusing) to contribute because of the worldforge license
> requirement: they do no want their artwork to be re-distributed or to be modified.
> But they would have accepted  that their work would be used by and only by
> worldforge. So the lacking security worldforge offers to artists is the main reason
> why so many new artists are joining.

I don't understand this last sentence. Do you mean why we have a constant
flow of old artists leaving and new joining or that we don't get new

> However, after the last years, I can very well understand all artists who do not
> want to contribute to open source projects.

I still don't know what was going on in the end, but I have seen that things
are quite complex, so I don't think I will ever understand all of it. But
what I got was that people ended up in not treating each other with the
respect the others deserved. I guess this, and the fact that your
contributions were used without giving you the credit you thought necessary,
is the reason why you think like that. I'm still naive enough not to, and
blockhead enough not to listen. I hope you can understand my stance.

> Maybe the license situation will change, if worldforge will focus on 3D modelling.
> But I doubt that really good artwork will be contributed to worldforge.

I'm in a meeting of the media developers right now, and I have seen some
really cool work. So I have to reject that last sentence.

Cheers, Kai

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