[WF-General] Possible media policy change? [was: License stuff.Fun!]

Wolf wolf at wolf.wolf
Sun Apr 14 21:27:44 PDT 2002

>> Recently I was pointed to another project which was using Tom's and my
png graphics
>> without mentioning the correct licensing and copyright.  They used the
graphics for
>> their screenshots under the 'copyright worldforge'. I feel it is doubtful
>> amongst open source projects the correct copyright statements are
neglected in that
>> way. For me as artist it is a bit strong that my graphics are used under
>> worldforge'.

>*nod* This is obviously not cool as it doesn't give the artist their
>proper due!  That said this is only one example and the only one that
>I'm aware of occurring where someone did something with our art that
>left a bad taste in our mouth.

In defense of myself ( I assume you're talking about my project), let me
just explain what really went on:

I've been building a game engine. On my local hard drive, and ONLY on my
local hard drive, I was using the worldforge media for the test renders. The
media was never distributed outside of a few private screenshots on a remote
server that I was using to show 1 or 2 people the progress of the game

The project started to grow, so I wanted to get permission before I
proceeded - so I managed tracked down Uta's E-Mail, and asked for permission
to use the media.

What would have been the correct procedure? Yes, I got into a "grey area"
with respect to the screenshots, but until now, I had figured I would have
failed miserably at the programming, and the project never would have become
anything except for a few lines of badly written code. It was only a small
hobbist's project until recently. Now that I can see some hope for the
project succeeding, I started asking for credit.

I *really* don't want to step on anyones toes and want to give correct
credit. I'm sorry I got everyone upset with me.

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