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Uta Szymanek szymanek at student.uni-kl.de
Tue Apr 16 00:36:42 PDT 2002

Tom Austin schrieb:

> ~
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> ~ Tom,
> ~
> ~ I think a lot of us share your view. None the less, we're still unwilling
> ~ to use Uta's art for personal reasons, regardless of the legal situation. I
> ~ think what is needed now is a concensus on how to deal with future
> ~ conflict.
> ~
> ~ What we should be pushing for from the media team is an agreement from each
> ~ contributing artist that their work is legitimate under the GFDL, and that
> ~ they understand that whatever happens, that work is forever free.
> ~
> ~ --
> ~ Oliver White
> ~
> Oliver,
>  I thought we had that. In any case. For any of my stuff currently
> contributed or contributed in the future I an pleased to have anyone use it
> as they see fit under the licensing supported by worldforge.
>  Art is for viewing. the more widely it is distributed the more it gets
> viewed. Having a dozen people look at a drawing and have a reaction is nice
> but having a thousand see it, now that would be something
>  I think anyone viewing the art needs knows who did the piece. We should be more vigilant in giving credit to the artist when their art is used.
>  I also heartily support the mason team respecting Uta's request. That is what
> friends do.
>  What should I do with work that has borrowed bits from Uta's work or others.
> my suspension bridge has wood parts that were taken from Uta's rampart. The
> stone work on some of my building tiles were taken from the WF texture library.
> some of the textures may have been contributed by Uta or others that no longer
> want their Art used.
> Tom

The rampart will be released again under a free license, so there is no need for you to change your graphics. Regarding the stone textures I can
only recognize, if I see it. You can tell from the textures name, as well:  all my texture filenames contain the "_us" tag.
I know how hard it is to do 2D graphics using textures and I do not want you to change your work.
For 3D this is a different thing in my eyes, because there textures can be changed in a more comfortable way.
live long and prosper, Uta.

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