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Kai Blin blin at gmx.net
Thu Apr 18 12:15:04 PDT 2002

* EctoDestructo <admin at bleechonline.net> [17/04/02, 13:39:59]:
> Hello World Forge people.
> I've written an article of World Forge on www.bleechonline.net under
> the 'gaming' topic.  I really respect what you guys are doing and as
> an avid gamer(and semi-programer) myself, I hope to be of more help in
> the future. I'm leaving skool(long story) to concentrate on
> programming, software and website design, so I'll have the time I
> guess. This will be my first attempt at programming a game.  Anyway,
> my biggest gripe is that I can't understand the stuff on your website.
> :P I'm from Singapore, so maybe my English isn't that excellent, but I
> still have questions... would you be so kind, to forward my queries to
> whomever it may concern or simply tell me who to contact? I've
> realised that this may not be the ideal place to ask, but I didn't
> know where else to ask. Please bear with me.

We'll see what we can do ;) First of all: what programming languages do
you use? We could need C++ and Java coders, phython knowledge would
help, too. So if you want to waste...er...spend your time programming,
and want to be part of a really cool project, hop along. :)

> 1) My PC is a Windows 98 SE, my server for BleechOnline.Net is in
> Linux.  Can I host games from my server, but modify them from my PC?

Sure. You'd need shell access on the server, ssh or telnet, but if you
administer the Linux server, you should have that, anyway.

> I was intending to create a mini-world from my site for my members to
> play in... I wasn't going to charge anyone or anything. 

If you're planning to redistribute the game, you'd need to redistribute
the sources of the programs. I guess somebody else could explain the GPL
better than I can, but that's what it is about.

> However, I need to write scripts from my PC and upload them to the
> Linux server, this is possible right? I mean, that's what World Forge
> is all about right?

Well, ftp can upload the files. But actually that's not what WorldForge
is about. It is about creating free MMORPGs, with free like "free
speech" (RMS would make that capital f's I guess) We are building a
framework to help others creating free games. This doesn't mean you're
not allowed to charge people for connecting to your server. This only
means that you'll have to redistribute any changes/improvements that you
have made to our code. This doesn't mean that you have to redistribute
game content you did on your own. If you used some of our media, you'll
have to distribute it again. But again, IANAL, and not even a GPL/GFDL
guru, so somebody else might be a better person to ask.

> Basically, I would like to be able to host an
> MMORPG on my site... how do I go about doing this?  I've already
> downloaded the Server-side files.
Which server side files? Stage? Cyphesis? We have some different
servers. If you want us to be able to help, you'll need to include more
information. Also note that we don't have a end-user ready version yet.
> 2) I can't get Acorn to work. The uclient seems to work well, but I
> can't connect to the psyhesis server.
What version of acorn did you install? What version of cyphesis are you
> If you need anyhelp, please let me know. I live in Singapore as I've
> just said, and if you need an asian server, I'd be happy to help you
> do something about it.(I'm really serious about this, the asian market
> is huge!) And though BleechOnline.Net is only like a month plus old...
> I've been administrator since day zero.  Thanks for your time.

Cheers, Kai

Kai Blin aka. nowhere (blin<at>gmx.net), private email

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