[WF-General] Preview of new WF Client

Jouni Rajala jouni.rajala at kolumbus.fi
Fri Apr 19 23:41:00 PDT 2002

I have been working with new Java Client to WF for last week. It started
as experiment and testing suite for eris-java. It is available
for preview in : http://gfire.mine.nu/mist/

In CVS it found in forge/scratchpad/mist

I think it is quite easily installed with instructions provided
but I could use comments about it how to make it even easier.

Client uses graphics by Pato (coolblue) and it downloads required
media from http. Window looks black while loading the media.
Natually this means that you must be connected when firing
up the client. Thanks to Pato for being patient with me and doing
as I asked. I personally think the result is quite good.

I have only runned it in W2K so I need experiences how it 
behaves in Linux (or other *nix environment)

Development is still in early stage and it only allows chatting in cyphesis
or chat_server.py. Connecting to STAGE can't be done.

Any comments can be mailed to this list or directly to me:
jouni.rajala at kolumbus.fi.

Of course you can always msg me in IRC

One last thing. And I could use good name for the client. So I am open for
suggestions. Mist is only working name for it and I have heard
it has some special meaning in some language ;)

(Sorry for bad english - I hope the message is received =)

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