[WF-General] New Java Software at WF

Michael Buttrey mbuttrey at bigfoot.com
Sun Apr 21 18:32:59 PDT 2002

Today I am pleased to announce the release of Atlas-Java 0.0.3, Frost 1.2.3, and
Eris-Java 0.0.1. As you can see by their release numbers, these are not major
releases, but the increasing rate of WorldForge Java development demands a
tighter, more comprehensive release schedule. Indeed, the list below only
scratches the surface; some of the many other Java projects at WF are:
* Pangea, a J2EE Atlas server, located in forge/servers/pangea
* Vestri, the client for the upcoming WF Media Server, located in
* COAL-Java, the Java map library, located in forge/libs/java
* Mist, a new client that uses Eris-Java, with a website at
* PlantEdit, an editor for plant models, found at
* and Acolyte, the all-encompassing name for the overall WorldForge Java
framework, also found in forge/libs/java

Atlas-Java 0.0.3
This maintenance release of Atlas-Java fixes several bugs and adds new features
in the areas of negotiation and exception handling. Since it is the Java
implementation of Atlas, the central WorldForge protocol, use and knowledge of
Atlas-Java is almost a requirement for every WorldForge Java developer.

CVS Module: forge/libs/Atlas-Java and forge/protocols/atlas/spec
Download: ftp://victor.worldforge.org/pub/worldforge/libs/Atlas-Java/
Website: http://www.worldforge.org/dev/eng/libraries/atlas_java and
Code Documentation / Javadoc: http://redeye.worldforge.org/atlas/

Frost 1.2.3
This version of Frost fixes several bugs, re-enables the map editor, and uses
the Java API for XML parsing instead of a third party XML api. This new version
therefore requires that you either have Java 1.4 or JAXP installed.

CVS Module: forge/clients/frost
Download: ftp://victor.worldforge.org/pub/worldforge/clients/frost/
Website: http://www.worldforge.org/dev/eng/clients/frost/
New Website: http://victoria.worldforge.org/devel/clients/frost/
Code Documentation / Javadoc:

Eris-Java 0.0.1
This is the first release of Eris-Java, which will eventually become a complete
solution for client-side WF development that encapsulates all the complexity of
Atlas transactions. Eris-Java does not yet reach the standards set by the
excellent Eris-C++, but it will.

CVS Module: forge/libs/java
Download: ftp://victor.worldforge.org/pub/worldforge/libs/Eris-Java
Code Documentation / Javadoc: http://redeye.worldforge.org/eris/
Related Links: http://www.worldforge.org/dev/eng/libraries/eris

If you want more information about Java here at WF, please feel free to visit
the IRC channel #java on irc.worldforge.org or write to one of the mailing lists
at mail.worldforge.org .

Michael Buttrey
"ZephyrAlfredo" on irc.worldforge.org

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