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oliver.white at invensys.com oliver.white at invensys.com
Tue Apr 23 17:39:59 PDT 2002

Good question.

I'd really like to know myself. :-)

A few folks think it would be a good idea to implement a website deployment
system based on CVS. Whether this would replace the zope site or simply
augment it, I don't know. Kosh, our zope guy, seems to think that we could
publish from CVS to zope. There have been some heated discussions on the
topic, but I don't think anyone is really armed with the facts. Would the
CVS website folks like to tell us what they're up to?

Oliver White


So what's this i hear about the website changing format again -- should
i bother building up the syllus page w/zope (i need to get a new user
and password i think since either mine has lapsed or ive completely
forgotten my login) or should i prep stuff for the new system?


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