[WF-General] Initial Media CVS Reorganization...

HansHäggström hans.haggstrom at helsinki.fi
Thu Apr 25 04:04:47 PDT 2002

At 02:49 2002-04-25, you wrote:
>Unless someone objects I'll be making a request to infra@ in the next 
>couple of days to split all of the collection-foo-orig directories into 
>their own module (ie media-2d-orig) in cvs so people only interested in 
>game media won't have to download all the source media.
>Jason <Pato>

Did you mean media-orig instead of media-2d-orig?

I thought the idea was to split CVS up in media and media-originals, not 
separate 2d, 3d, etc modules.

Btw, is media-originals considered too long?
IMHO it's easier to both remember and understand whole words, compared to 
acronyms or shortenings.

Hans Häggström (aka zzorn)
"Share and Enjoy" - Cirius Cybernetics corp. - THHGTTG

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