[WF-General] Media license strangeness (FSF & CC)

Miguel Guzman Miranda miguelg at tid.es
Thu Jul 15 01:55:44 PDT 2004

A quick follow-up:

	Even though it seems the GPL and the CC licenses are incompatibles due
to several reasons including that CC forbids DRM while GPL allows it,

	The FSF *specifically* recommends Creative Commons license for other
types of works that are not Sofware or Documentation. 


We believe that published software and documentation should be free
software and free documentation. We recommend making all sorts of
educational and reference works free also, using free documentation
licenses such as the GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL).

For other kinds of works, we recommend you consider the licenses
proposed by Creative Commons.

	So, FSF recommends them, but I suppose as licenses for standalone works
(say, not to be used as aggregate to GPL code). It'd be great if they
worked to solved their differences and then we could simply use CC-SA
for our media solving all the concerns about applicability and freedom.

	Novalis, are you around? Perhaps could you give us a little more
feedback on this issue.



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