[WF-General] RE: Modelling stuff (sec: unclassified)

McGinnes, Damien Damien.McGinnes at defence.gov.au
Thu Jul 15 19:05:34 PDT 2004

--- alriddoch wrote:
> munin and I and others discussed this a while back. The cal3d format has
> names for all bones, and provides a mechanism in the API to query
> a bone by name. All that is required to implement rigid mesh attachment
> is provide a way to specify which bone is that attachment point, and then
> write code in the client to query this bone, discover its position and
> orientation, and render the attached mesh at this position. If a special
> has been carefully placed for this purpose, there should be no need
> for additional information.

ok. Makes sense. Pretty easy to implement too.

I could make someone spin a knife in his hand by animating the
attachment bone - but doing so with a sword might result in some
interesting images ;)

The names should be standardised. Current attachments are probably 
limited to left hand, right hand and belt.

"and render the attached mesh at this position" is interesting. 
What about things that can be attached in multiple ways. Do the
meshes need attachment points defined too? Simply putting the mesh 
origin at the attachment point may give strange results.

eg a bottle has origin in the middle of the base. This isnt a useful
attachment point for a bottle fight, or for pouring a drink.

what about 3rd party models where the origin is not the "wf standard"


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