[WF-General] Compiling atlas-c++ (cvs) (Was: Atlas-C++ 0.4.90 (was CVS Atlas-C++ doesn't compile))

Eric Sandall eric at sandall.us
Mon Jul 19 16:38:42 PDT 2004

Just FYI, I still have this problem, but only with atlas-c++ from CVS:

When compiling atlas-c++ (the CVS version) I receive the following error:
Making all in Objects
make[4]: Entering directory `/usr/src/atlas-c++-cvs/Atlas/Objects'
python gen_cpp.py && touch flag.cpp
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "gen_cpp.py", line 6, in ?
    from common import *
  File "/usr/src/atlas-c++-cvs/Atlas/Objects/common.py", line 13, in ?
    from atlas import *
ImportError: No module named atlas
make[4]: *** [flag.cpp] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/atlas-c++-cvs/Atlas/Objects'

$ gaze version Python gcc
Grimoire  Section  Spell   Grimoire Version  Installed Version
--------  -------  -----   ----------------  -----------------
stable    devel    Python  2.3.4             2.3.4
stable    devel    gcc     3.3.3             3.3.3



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