[WF-General] BM: mediaforge musings (#once)

Philipp balinor at pnxs.de
Sat Sep 4 18:52:14 PDT 2004

IRC Bookmark wrote:
> Description: mediaforge musings
> URL: http://opus.code-bear.com/jasmine/%23once/2004-09-02,05%3A57.html#mediaforge

Regarding hosting the repository (or making the existing one accessible
under the new domain name), that shouldn't be much of a problem.

With an increasing number of users, I probably should setup a
better user managment script than what currently is there.

I could also host a zope/wiki for the mainpage - though i could likely
use some help setting it up, and i'd prefer someone with more experience
in the CMS area to be "primary admin" of the page.


PS: have any of the zope wizards here worked with LDAPuserfolder ?

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