[WF-General] Mason meeting?

Miguel Guzman Miranda miguelg at tid.es
Thu Sep 16 02:04:49 PDT 2004

Great idea Munin!

	I think the project, while still crunching code in the background,
needs that kick you say to feel alive. 

	I think it would be a good idea also to start discussing stuff here in
the list first, and use the meeting to reach an agreement. For instance
we could start on what the points of this meeting should be. 

	On the time of the meeting perhaps I won't be able to make it because
I'm away this weeked but I'll be sure to read the logs and rant later.

	Some random ideas on what we could discuss:

	- New gameplay features to be added (based for instance on damien's
models, say "riding" action)
	- Bulding blocks system
	- Rules, combat, etc
	- Involvement in the MediaForge effort



El mié, 15-09-2004 a las 23:30, Andor Holtsmark escribió:
> Dear fellow WorldForgerers,
> the summer is over, and most people have returned to their everyday of 
> numbly staring at the screen..  ..A good time for WF thus.
> And therefore, in order to give the whole project a little kick in the 
> butt, I suggest we have a Mason meeting soon, where we can figure out 
> what we should do in the immediate future of WF/Mason.
> Personally, I think I have coming saturday evening/night available.. Any 
> comments or wishes?
> Munin
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