[WF-General] Mason Meeting Agenda

Alistair Riddoch alriddoch at zepler.org
Fri Sep 17 17:00:25 PDT 2004

munin and I have drawn up the following agenda for the Mason meeting
tomorrow. The main purpose is to reach some kind of consensus on the way
we should push development, and find volunteers to do the various jobs
that need to be done.

        New gameplay elements
        Resulting server requirements
        Resulting rules/scripts requirements
        Resulting client requirements
        Resulting media requirements
        Tools requirements
        Other thoughts/wishes
        Task distribution
        Other business

Hopefully the meeting will be productive if we can stick to this agenda,
so we ask that everyone keep a copy to hand, stick to the current topic,
and avoid interruptions.

Looking for to seeing everyone there.

Alistair Riddoch
alriddoch at zepler.org
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