[WF-General] Questions about Atlas

Hagen Möbius hagen.moebius at starschiffchen.de
Fri Jul 1 06:11:16 PDT 2005

Emile Kroeger wrote:

>I'm working on a project with a philosoiphy similar to that of
>WorldForge. It's called DreamStones (gro.clinux.org), and it's 2D
>tile-based and not real-time (meaning, the movement is "roguelike",
>there's no game time). I mainly want it to be a world building tool,
>that works in a free and open way like a wiki.
>Now, I'm strongly in favour of inter-community cooperation, so I was
>wondering if my project could have anything to do with WorldForge. The
>most obvious way would be to use Atlas as a protocol. So, I'm writing
>to you to know if it would suit my purposes.
>How much of atlas is tied to the worldforge engine ? Can things
>(either the protocol or the engine) be easily adapted for a 2D
>tile-based game ? Am I better off keeping on using my homegrown stuff
>Thank you,
>Emile Kroeger
>(since the protocol list looks like it's been dead for over a year,
>I'm cross-posting to the general list)
Hi Emile,

Atlas is definitely useable for 2D time games. Some years ago WF had 2D
clients and whether the server thinks in tiles or in a continuum is just
an implementation detal.
As there is no such thing as the "worldforge engine" Atlas is not tied
to it at all. If anything Atlas is the closest thing to a worldforge
engine as it takes care of network communication what basically is what
worldforge is about.

Homegrown stuff is always good but a lot of work and generally something
very monolithic and not general enough to be of any use to another
programmer. Atlas on the other hand is very flexible and should suit any
requirements that you come up with. And remember that worldforge is
constantly trying to evolve so if you have a problem or a requirement
that it does not satisfy just come to the IRC channels and have chat
about how to solve your problem ...



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