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Simon Goodall sg02r at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Jul 5 13:10:04 PDT 2005

         calling asNum instead of asfloat should fix your problem. 0.0
will be encoded as 0 and only work by assuming an integer. you should
however find that an exception was thrown?


Wolfgang Beutner wrote:
> Hi,
> I am doing some experiments with the AtlasC++ lib, using version 0.5.94
> and discovered some strange behavior. I have a class that is derived
> from Atlas::Message::DecoderBase. Within this class I have a private
> member Atlas::Codecs::Bach and a private member Atlas::Message::Encoder.
> I use the Bach-Codec because of the improved readability.
> I want to use the class to exchange messages between processes using TCP
> Sockets (skstream-lib). I used some of the basic concepts of cyphesis to
> tie this all together, great stuff Al.
> As soon as the second message arrives at the reading process, the
> process crashes due to some kind of stack underflow in the Bach-Codec.
> After I inserted the marked statement everything was ok.
> void Bach::parseStream(char next)
> {
>     ATLAS_DEBUG(std::cout << "Bach::parseStream" << std::endl;)
>     switch (next)
>     {
>     case '{':
>         m_bridge.streamMessage();
>         m_state.push(PARSE_MAP);
>         break;
>     case ']':
>         m_bridge.streamEnd();
>     /* NEW */
>         m_state.push(PARSE_INIT);
>     /* NEW */
>         break;
>     default:
>         break;
>     }
> }
> Maybe I misunderstood some of the Atlas stuff.
> When I tried to send the value 0.0 as member of a list the receiving
> process crashed, when I tried to access this value as
> Koord[ 2 ].asFloat(). I suppose this happened because the value of 0.0
> is coded as 0 on the sending side of the connection. The Codec starts to
> decode an integer once he detects a number in the inputstream and
> switches to float only after he encountered a '.' I could veriyfy this
> by accessing the listElement in question as an integer. I do not have
> any idea how to solve this problem. I wrote a simple program that uses
> printf and << operator to output the value of 0.0. Printf
> outputs 0.000000 and operator << 0.
> The same problem arises, if you want to transmit a value of 0.000001.
> this is transmitted as 1e-06 and is not recognized as a float as well. I
> think this could be corrected in allowing characters 'e' and
> 'E' to switch from integer to float as well and removing them from the
> multiple case checking for digits and signs.
> The packed and XML codecs do not seem to have this problem since there
> is an explicit indicator for each type allowing to decide how to
> interpret things.
> Greetings,
> Wolfgang
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