[WF-General] Re: General Digest, Vol 46, Issue 5

Alistair Riddoch alriddoch at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 3 18:10:52 PDT 2007

On 04/04/07, David K <dakelk at gta.igs.net> wrote:
>  For simple repeatable patterns, like farmers fields, is it enough to think
> of it in terms of a grid?
>  Ie, server sends the client the (XOrigin, YOrigin, XEntent, YExtent,
> XIncrement, YIncrement, ObjectToDraw)
>  where the client draws ObjectToDraw at the grid intersections every
> XIncrement and YIncrement?

Yes, but the key here is that our random vegetation code already uses
a grid, with pseudo random numbers used to determine whether a grid
has an instance, and to deviate the coordinates of the instance from
grid alignment. This can give a nice random distribution, or if the
random factors are reduce, the same algorithm can give a nice grid
like pattern of plants, with a nice natural fuziness.\

Alistair Riddoch
alriddoch at zepler.org

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