[WF-General] Plunger slowly approaching 0.0.1 release

Erik Hjortsberg erik.hjortsberg at iteam.se
Tue Apr 10 00:11:46 PDT 2007

Ok, so does that mean that Collada -> Ogre now works?


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Hi folks,

I've just fixed a bug that completely broke the triangle handling for
any non-trivial collada file. I suspect that my handling of normal
vectors is still off, at least the models I've been looking at in
Ember's model editor look really spotty.

Once I've found and killed that bug, I'll release plunger 0.0.1. Version
0.0.2 will contain Collada export and MD3 support for both import and

Where plunger will go after that depends on what features our media
people will need next. Probably a GUI. :)

Testing will be appreciated, I'll commit a README file containing
instructions on how to use plunger soon. While I'm working on that,
plunger --help should give a hint on how to use it.

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