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Erik Hjortsberg erik.hjortsberg at iteam.se
Wed Apr 11 08:55:06 PDT 2007

As I'm adding more and more authoring features to Ember I find that the
Gui widget kit I'm using (CEGUI) is a little limited in what it can
offer. I'm therefore looking towards leveraging an preexisting
development framework, allowing the Ember to be embedded as an
The two framworks I'm looking at are Eclipse and Qt. I would appreciate
it if those of you that have had any experience writing authoring tools
with these frameworks could chime in with advice.
Eclipse seems like the most functional one, with a myriad different
authoring tools, widgets, plugin sub frameworks etc.. It's also a
framework written from scratch as an authoring/development framework.
However, I've never tried to interface Java with C++, so that's the
great uncertaintly (speed is not an issue, but ease of use and
complexity is).
Qt on the other hand isn't as heavily focused on authoring/development
(being a general application framework), plus I've never actually
developed in it (but I know James have, so I'm hoping for some input
from him). It's however C++...

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