[WF-General] Re: The Forums: a failed experiment

Edward Terry eterry at highacres.net
Sun Apr 29 12:48:59 PDT 2007

I don't see any problem with removing the forum if worldforge-general is 
made more accessible.  Currently there are a lot of different ways to 
communicate (forum, various mailing lists, irc, wiki), which makes 
finding information more complicated than it needs to be.  It might be 
useful to discontinue the inactive mailing lists at the same time. 
There are a lot of lists that aren't used, and that can be confusing to 
newcomers.  (In fact, it seems like the only ones that are used are 
Announce, CVS, and General.)

If you do remove the forum, I'd like to request that it be archived. 
There are some useful posts on it.


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