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Erik Hjortsberg erik.hjortsberg at gmail.com
Tue May 5 07:16:53 PDT 2009

Yes, this is also why we want to represent the water as an entity 
(instead of the "hack" it's now where we just place a plane on the 
server at zero altitude).
If it's an entity the existing mouse picking functionality will kick. It 
will even register where on the water the user clicked (just like it 
recognizes where on the terrain the user clicked).
We will however need to do some additions to Ember so that we can 
represent the water entity in a good way (a normal Model/Mesh won't do 
in the long run), but that's something that I will do, since it involves 
some pretty core knowledge of how Ember does stuff. To start with it 
will however do just fine with one _very_ large box for the water, as 
long as it can be interacted with.


Alistair Riddoch skrev:
> 2009/5/5 Erik Hjortsberg <erik.hjortsberg at gmail.com>:
>> Regarding how to represent the water entity, I think for now is should do
>> just fine to create one _very_ large "water" entity which occupies pretty
>> much all space below zero altitude. Whenever the terrain dips below zero
>> altitude the water is exposed. This will also mesh with the client, where
>> the water basically just is one large plane placed at zero altitude.
> The important issue for the fishing task is whether Ember will be able
> to differentiate between clicks on the water and on the terrain, and
> show tasks accordingly. Is this possible given this approach?
> Al
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